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Whole School Chronology



Chronology is absolutely fundamental to children being able to understand the history curriculum that we are teaching them. This pack provides a number of documents that will support teachers to understand how to teach the concept as more than just sequencing.

It contains the following:

A booklet which breaks down the curriculum aims and objectives into easy to understand explanations of what they entail and then how they can be taught effectively, key concepts and elements involved in teaching chronology beyond sequencing, sample vocabulary to include and resources that I recommend (digital and books).

Separate file containing suggested activities to use when teaching chronology in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 including the resources that would accompany them and should be available in school or at no great expense.

KS2 Comparing Timelines activity, which can be used through years 3 to 6 to ensure can understand how the periods of history that they study fit into a wider chronological framework. The intention with this activity is for it to be printed onto A3 and laminated so it can be used throughout school. The bars can be placed on the scaled timeline grids to allow children to compare their duration and position in relation to each other. There is a version included which uses BC/AD and a separate with BCE/CE.

KS2 Progress Tracker, this contains a PPT file which acts as a central place to store the children’s key knowledge, vocabulary etc and can be sent through school. It allows teachers to make reference to previous learning simply and enables children to contribute their knowledge and understand the importance of their growing knowledge base (This is available separately).

Please be aware, this product is currently being updated. The updated version should be available in early 2023.