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Being an Effective Subject Leader



Given the new OFSTED inspection framework, we need to really focus in our role as a subject coordinator. This pack provides documents to support any coordinator from the brand new to experienced. It contains 4 separate files, which are explained below:

Coordinator Booklet – this 14 page guide covers the role of the coordinator in detail combining research, OFSTED information, the curriculum and practical teacher friendly tips!

Curriculum Review for KS1 then KS2 – these two guides will allow you to assess your curriculum as it currently stands and uses the Ofsted framework on how to amend and improve. The KS2 version contains a form on how to enhance the curriculum by identifying themes that run through various topics. The skills and concepts are colour-coded to ensure it can be tracked across the whole school.

Curriculum Audit – using the information from the booklet, the form allows the coordinator to rewview current practice, celebrate successes and offer ideas for development in a supportive manner.