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Suggested Resources

Suggested Skill Progression Documents

The two progression documents listed below are good start points and work within the NC specification. They should be implemented in conjunction with the substantive knowledge taught and tailored to be as bespoke as possible.

Rising Stars Progression Framework – sign up to the website for free to access.

Jamie Byrom’s HA document – free access here.

Useful Websites

These are some of the websites I make use of in lessons. I would recommend exploring all of them and considering how to apply them with your class:

Chronozoom  – interactive timeline resource for exploring the scale of time

Timemaps – interactive timeline resource for helping children understand concurrence 

MyLearning – superb mix of sources and artefacts from museums and archives with accompanying activities and notes

History in 100 objects – a fantastic range of artefact images that covers the whole curriculum

Historic England – a great place to search for relevant sites of importance locally or nationally. Their heritage calling blog is also superb for subject knowledge.