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CPD Sessions

All sessions can be tailored to your school’s particular context and specification. Sessions run for a minimum of 2 hours and this can be made up using a number of those listed below or one can be explored in more depth.

If you don’t see the session you’d like listed here, use the contact form and request it as it can be created to meet your requirements.

Building a Great Unit of History

During this session, we will explore a model for building a unit of history in any year group. It focuses on creating a chronological context, understanding how to use sources and then how an enquiry can function as an assessment tool and a vehicle for further independent learning. 

Unpicking the History Curriculum and Developing a Meaningful Curriculum for your School

The Current National Curriculum offers great flexibility in terms of what we choose to teach and how we teach it. This session helps curriculum or subject leads understand the finer details ‘hidden’ within the curriculum and how to plan a meaningful curriculum that places the school’s locality and children’s context at the heart.

Being an Effective History Leader

There is an increased focus on the role of the subject leads under the current inspection framework. This session guides subject leads through the requirements of the role and then simple, hands on approaches to tackle problems and drive their subject onwards. It also includes a copy of my subject lead pack to everyone that attends.

Key Concepts and Skills Minimum 90 mins

Chronology Through School – more than just sequencing 

Chronology is so much more than just sequencing some cards that represent dates. It has distinct vocabulary, concepts and ideas that can be developed through school to build understanding year on year. This hands on session shows staff how chronology can be taught throughout school to show progression and link year group topics together. It also includes a copy of my whole school chronology resource. 

Delving Deeper into Sources – challenging the more able

There are many tasks and ways that we can use sources to help stimulate discussion, build understanding and deepen children’s understanding of periods of history from the past. These tasks give practical and achievable principles that can be incorporated into all year groups for children working towards, at or beyond your school’s expected standard.

History’s Disciplinary Concepts – teaching more than just facts

This session introduces delegates to the world of history as a discipline. It includes what history is and how the curriculum specification enables us to build progression of knowledge on both substantive and disciplinary fronts.