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National Curriculum

The current iteration of the National Curriculum launched in 2014. It has 4 sections which should be read in conjunction to fully embrace the breadth and ambition it offers. The Purpose of Study, Aims and Attainment targets are identical for KS1, 2 and 3. The curriculum is the minimum requirement for history provision; schools may choose to exceed it but they must ensure it is met in full.

Purpose of Study – this is the ultimate end point for the taught curriculum.

Aims – there are 6 aims in the NC14. Each has a different emphasis. Their purpose is to lay out what children should know, gain and understand as they progress through the school’s taught curriculum.

Subject Content – Broken into two sections: processes which run across every unit of work and bullet points with specific historical people, changes, periods and events that can be taught between years 1 and 6.

Attainment targets – Emphasises the importance of children knowing, understanding and remembering the curriculum that they have been taught. The key phrase to remember is the curriculum is the progression model.