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This session was recorded on Thursday 23rd February, 2023. Answers and comments may be in reference to the chat feed which you cannot see and therefore could seem out of context. You may use this session in your own school including all approaches, ideas and shared resources. You may NOT share these more widely without express written permission from Mr T does Primary History Ltd. This can be requested by emailing with the subject: Spring Network Sharing.

The sessions are priced so reasonably to ensure as many teachers can access it as possible. This is impossible if people share the resources. Thank you for your cooperation.

Links and Suggested Resources:
Ofsted webinar 2024
My YouTube videos on Chronology
Greg Jenner, You are History

This term’s network meeting focused on using technology to support the implementation of the history curriculum through my guests Glenn from History Rocks – Creative Primary Teaching and Stuart from PrimeVR. Alongside this was the discussion between Glenn and Mr T unpicking last Summer’s Ofsted subject report.

The live session was recorded on the 16th November 2023. Comments and responses may be made in reference to the chat box therefore may mean they sound out of context. The book giveaway was done off screen because of time constraints and, because of GDPR, I cannot share the document that the names were linked to.

Book Giveaway:

UK Disability History Month takes place annually from November 16th to December 16th. It is an opportunity to share stories of people, places and events in the past that offer children with additional needs or a disability may see themselves in. The books given away are stunning and are fabulous to have on your book shelves year round. I would heartily recommend both of them!

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PrimeVR is the UK’s leading VR workshop company for schools and was founded in 2017 by Stuart Gent, a qualified teacher and passionate EdTech advocate. With the use of immersive technology, PrimeVR is able to bring the outside world into the classroom and transport students through time and space. Imagine visiting the Colosseum whilst learning about the Romans or blasting off into space during a topic on the Solar System. Our team of qualified teachers and passionate educators can deliver a range of workshops within your school to help bring learning to life and create some excitement around your topics.

You can access their workshop catalogue here.

History Rocks’ recommended sites and apps


Mozaik3D –

Sketchfab –

Blooket –

Twinkl AR Resources –

Thinglink –


History At A Glance – iOS –

Civilisations AR – iOS/Android –

Pose – Android –

Inspire Education

If you are interested in a free trial of inspire, please click here. You can speak to Luke Whitehouse (company director) and discuss the range of options for subscriptions. Please do click how did you hear about us and mention either Glenn Carter, Stuart Tiffany or PrimeVR to support our work.

Spring 2024 Network – 22nd February – content TBC

Session recorded 27.9.22 as part of a live zoom session. You cannot see the chat feed so certain responses may seem out of context. This video is only to be used by the single person who purchased it. It must not be shared more widely without express written permission.

A possible curriculum taught using a common curriculum model of alternating history and geography emphasis.

Supporting Documents:
These supporting documents provide examples of what concepts could be run through the curriculum in a substantive and disciplinary sense. They may be used in one school and not shared more widely across a MAT/Federation or other partnership of schools without express written permission from Mr T does Primary History Ltd. This can be requested by email from

Any questions? If you have watched the recording and have a question, please do get in touch! I’d be happy to try and help. Email with the subject Building Narratives Question and I’ll get back to you as quick as I am able to.

Useful links:
Michael Fordham – substantive concepts

If an HA member, Andrew Wrenn’s article on teaching concepts is brilliant but only for members

History in Outstanding Primary Schools by Ofsted

Ofsted Research Review – NOT geared towards primary teachers but may be of interest for some

Ofsted webinar – Tim Jenner, History HMI

Teach Primary article by me on coherence

Book Recommendation:

Retrieval Practice: Primary: A guide for primary teachers and leaders

Retrieval Practice: Resource Guide

This term’s session was recorded on July 4th via zoom. We went through the usual features and resource sheet supplied by the lovely Bev Forrest. Comments and answers may appear out of context because you are unable to see the chat feed. The resources and ideas may be used in your school but do NOT share the recording as this damages small businesses even when done with the best of intentions.

Stuart made use of during the session. You can arrange a trial for free here:

To arrange a trial or demonstration of, please contact Luke here:

Booking calendar:

Inspire have a number of free resources available on their YouTube channel too!

Judy’s Focus:
Digimaps who have a range of videos freely accessible on YouTube.

Daisy’s Focus:
Sharing the brilliant work that the Heritage Schools programme do with schools and the map packs they produce.
Heritage Schools
Archive Education Resources
Enriching the list sample video can be accessed here.

Recommended Books:
Mr T does Primary History by Stuart Tiffany

This book focuses on considerations related to the sequencing, planning and teaching of a unit of history in primary schools. It combines general academic research, history-specific research and years of classroom practice. It is designed to start conversations and provoke thinking!

If you’d like to buy a copy from Stuart directly, please email the request over to

If you have a request for the content of the network in Autumn or beyond, please do let me know as I’m always interested in guest speakers and subjects to cover.

This session ran live on 09.02.23 and led jointly by Stuart Tiffany and Bev Forrest.

​Please see PPT for references on individual slides.

All resources and ideas may be used by one school only. The recording is to be accessed by one individual teacher per ticket only. If you would like to use any part of this session more widely, you MUST obtain permission in writing from the hosts via email.

Session recorded 23rd March, 2023. Please note: delegates are NOT permitted to share this recording with anyone that did not purchase a ticket. Resources and ideas may be used in the delegate’s school but not across a federation, MAT, partnership of any kind without express written permission from both hosts.

The aims of the deep dive session were:

  • Understand the requirements to prepare for a successful deep dive in history
  • Ensure the history provision in your school has the desired impact on learning and is in line with the Ofsted ‘approach’
  • Share experiences of a deep dive in history
  • Consider your next steps to outstanding history provision in your school

The live session was recorded on November 30th 2023. Messages including questions were sent via the chat feed which does not appear on the recording. Therefore, comments may appear out of context. If you are watching the recording and wish to ask questions, please do via email: with the subject Making the Most of the Subject Lead role webinar. This webinar should NOT be shared with anyone other than the ticket holder without express written permission. Breaking of rules such as this harms small businesses such as mine.

Pre-recorded Curriculum Video:
This video explains the opportunities provided with the current National Curriculum. It should be viewed as framework from which we construct a curriculum; this was the intention upon launch and offers a way to personalise the curriculum for your specific school. If you did not attend the live session, watching this video first may be helpful.

Subject Leader Folders:
Many people asked what they ‘should’ have in their leader’s folder; there is no definitive list but below is a great start point. Think about how it showcases the work you have done and therefore impact you are having in your role.

  • Curriculum Rationale
  • Current action plan
  • CPD I’ve completed
  • CPD I’ve delivered
  • How I’ve raised the profile in school
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge 
  • Skills
  • Disadvantaged/SEND
  • Assessment

Further Support and Suggestions:
The subject association for history is the Historical Association. There are two memberships available:

Individual – 1 login, access to all schemes of work, the journal and other useful benefits including local individuals to study.
Corporate – 12 logins, all of the above, and access to the corporate member area which has lots for subject leaders.

Discount Codes:
If you would like to teach Early Islamic Civilisations in UKS2, you can use the code: IslamPromo to reduce the cost to £2.00. Please click here to buy it.

Some people asked about enquiry questions; if you would like access to my web CPD session on an introduction to Historical Enquiry, there is a 75% off code you can use: MasteringEnquiry. Please click here to buy it.

Video Recorded 20.5.21

​Please see PPT for references on individual slides.

OFSTED blog referenced

National Curriculum

​The three PDFs on the right of the screen are the documents referenced in the session. 

If you’re a new subject leader for history or are just interested in knowing more about teaching history. I would absolutely recommend the following:

Join the Historical Association – the subject association for history with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Mastering Primary History – a great read to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and pedagogy.

Understanding and Teaching Primary History – another good read which explores primary history in lots of depth.

Early Islamic History Planning – Use the code IslamicFree to reduce the price to £0.

Really informative, great ideas, helpful advise and some fab resources. Thank you so much

C. Fielder, Curriculum Lead, Milton Keynes

We had a training day today; it was both fun and very inspirational. Lots of sensible and clear ideas to make History more engaging and purposeful for pupils.

A. Wells, Deputy Headteacher, Lincolnshire

I can’t recommend Mr T does Primary History enough. I am new to leading this particular subject and I left his training today feeling completely inspired. Thanks again Mr T

Louise Hill, History Subject Lead

Just purchased the Ancient Greek unit plan for 3/4 and its excellent! Certainly made my planning a lot easier! Many thanks, look forward to buying other units throughout the year!

I. Fern, Teacher

Awesome day spent with Mr T today going through our books and curriculum with a fine tooth comb. Great to know we were on the right track and to get clarity and direction on what we weren't sure about. Great staff meeting about how to use historical sources in a range of ways across the year groups.

H. Doust, History Subject Lead, Kirton Lindsey School