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New Style Detailed Unit Plan Anglo-Saxon Invasion and Settlement Years 3 and 4



This unit of work contains the following resources:

– 1 MTP which gives a learning overview for the unit of work, assessment opportunities and cross-curricular links.

– 1 Cover Sheet including assessment, sequence of learning, and knowledge outcomes.

– 6 Numbered detailed lesson plans including contextual information, relevant links to other periods in history, key topic-related vocabulary and disciplinary language.

– Additional resources to be used in lessons including chronology PPT to build up chronological understanding of the historical narrative of British history and links beyond, writing scaffolds and carefully selected extracts from primary source material.

It is aimed at Years 3 and 4 and contains challenging but age-appropriate sources so please check before using to ensure they are appropriate for your class. These lessons give a clear and accurate overview to the period of history being studied. Each lesson builds on the previous ones to build up a coherent and knowledge rich understanding of aspects of Anglo-Saxon society (up until the Viking raids begin) with an emphasis on societal change and significant individuals such as Gildas and Offa of Mercia.

The use of a clear enquiry question to guide the learning ensures that the concepts taught are purposeful. At the end of the learning sequence, the enquiry question should be answered in a way which makes use of the knowledge gained through the study.