Historical Writing Without Text Types! Part 1

Where did this start?

The original idea for this came when I was teaching in Year 6 in 2016-17. We were reviewing the KS2 TAF for writing and really wanted to push writing across the curriculum and I focused on how this could be applied into history effectively, independently and (more importantly) not sucking the fun out of the topics.

To this end, we came up with the guiding principle of 'logical links' to ensure that children saw history/historical knowledge/second order concepts etc was the priority and embedding the children's writing was a secondary consideration. This ran across the whole curriculum.

In May of that year, I presented the findings to a select (small) group of delegates at the Historical Association Conference in Manchester and then, later, at the Yorkshire History Forum. The ideas make use of what's in the classroom already and get the children into good habits (most of which I'd like to think are common sense).