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Stuart (Mr T) is an experienced teacher and history specialist. He is an honorary fellow of the Historical Association, regularly featured writer in a number of publications and delivers training on various aspects of primary history teaching.

He is a passionate believer in using children’s natural curiosity to engage them in lessons using a clearly defined historical enquiry and high quality source work.

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Building a Great Unit of History

During this session, we will explore a model for building a unit of history in any year group

Unpicking the History Curriculum and Developing a Meaningful Curriculum for your School

Being an Effective
History Leader

This session guides subject leads through the requirements of the role and then simple, hands on approaches to tackle
problems and drive their subject onwards.

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Chronology Through
School – more than just sequencing

I just wanted to send a quick email to say how fantastic the resources and planning are for your recent unit on Ancient Greece. So far, I have only done the first session, but have prepared/read through the second session and it is so pleasing that I have very little to do for it!! The kids loved the lesson style - so much time to chat and dig deep into proper history talk and I feel their learning will progress so much more satisfactorily because of all this.

A. Amos – Teacher, Leeds

Your visit was really inspiring, and having a pair of impartial eyes to look over our curriculum and books is just what we needed. We have really clear points going forward on how we can improve. Staff were so positive about the training too, something for everyone to take away. I'll be doing a follow up staff meeting in a few weeks.   You are genuinely brilliant at what you do and it was great to chat with a fellow history nerd! Really appreciate the documents you have sent over too, very generous.

N. Evans – History Lead

Really informative, great ideas, helpful advise and some fab resources. Thank you so much

C. Fielder, Curriculum Lead, Milton Keynes

We had a training day today; it was both fun and very inspirational. Lots of sensible and clear ideas to make History more engaging and purposeful for pupils.

A. Wells, Deputy Headteacher, Lincolnshire

I can’t recommend Mr T does Primary History enough. I am new to leading this particular subject and I left his training today feeling completely inspired. Thanks again Mr T

Louise Hill, History Subject Lead

Just purchased the Ancient Greek unit plan for 3/4 and its excellent! Certainly made my planning a lot easier! Many thanks, look forward to buying other units throughout the year!

I. Fern, Teacher

Awesome day spent with Mr T today going through our books and curriculum with a fine tooth comb. Great to know we were on the right track and to get clarity and direction on what we weren't sure about. Great staff meeting about how to use historical sources in a range of ways across the year groups.

H. Doust, History Subject Lead, Kirton Lindsey School