Skills and Concepts

History is not just facts! It has its own distinct set of skills and concepts that must be taught to give children a 'coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's past and that of the wider world'.


My approach to teaching history is based upon prioritising the skills over content. The content is covered of course, but teaching the skills and concepts as a focus means we can demonstrate clear progress within and between topics. Over the entire primary phase, we can develop these skills to really allow our children to understand the past and fully appreciate the beautiful intertwining story that is history.

Key Concepts:

Chronological understanding - Sequencing, Scaling, Duration, Interval, Concurrence

Source Analysis and Interpretation - Extracting, Interrogating, Evaluating 

Historical Enquiry - Asking, Investigating, Questioning

History also has its own disciplinary concepts. More information on these are available for enhanced site members.


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