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The Stone Age to Iron Age Years 3 and 4 Detailed Unit Plan


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This unit of work is being relaunched in the next 7 days.  It will be changing in terms of sequencing and resourcing. Some of the suggested links are broken. It cannot be purchased at the moment. 


This unit of work contains the following resources:

– 1 MTP which gives a learning overview for the unit of work, assessment opportunities and cross-curricular links

– 1 Cover sheet

– 6 Detailed lesson plans including contextual information, relevant links to other periods in history, lesson plan and suggested resources

– Additional resources to support lessons where a version is not available online

It is aimed at Years 3 and 4 and contains age-appropriate sources but please check before using to ensure they are appropriate for your class. These lessons give a clear and accurate overview to the periods of history being studied. Each lesson builds on the previous ones to build up a coherent and knowledge rich understanding of aspects of the Stone Age to Iron Age.

They can be supported by adding in aspects of local history relevant to your setting.