Suggested Resources:

These resources are ones I personally use and absolutely recommend. They are all used in my classroom in the ways I suggest. 


These books are great to have in the class library and quite often, I have had to make a waiting list for children that want to read them! They all have a different focus and can be used to enhance the children's understanding of chronology and links between periods of history.

A great book to link to local history and continuity and change. 

Love this book to allow children to explore timelines for ... everything!

Unrolling this book to reveal enormous timelines that interact and relate to each other is a great way to help explain the complexity of studying the past.

With the new focus on themes through the history curriculum, this book allows an easy and effective way to explore how childhood has changed through history. It also allows another way to teach continuity and change through time.

This beautifully illustrated book is a really great resource to understand how significant monuments may have looked in the past compared with how they look now. It features a range of sites that tie into the curriculum and others which aren't.

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