Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is through the contact page, which can be found on the homepage. Alternatively, through the Facebook group linked to this website works well too.

What services do you provide?

I provide training sessions that are aimed at developing a teacher's ability to deliver excellent history lessons by improving their confidence and skillset. I also work as a freelance writer so will take on commissions. The best way to find out precise details is to contact me through the contact form on the homepage.

What resources does your shop sell?

I will be producing individual lessons and schemes of work to cover the entire primary history curriculum. The range of products will increase over time.

Can I request a specific resource?

Absolutely, the easiest way of doing this is contacting me directly including the following information: - exact details of resource required - approximate time-frame that it is needed in (I cannot guarantee to be able to work within the timeframe however for general requests) - if it is a commissioned piece or to be added to the shop