75th Anniversary of VE Day 
What role did your locality play during the war?

The aim of this pack is to ensure children recognise and understand the importance of this event. It provides an overview of the war itself with an emphasis on the home front. It provides opportunities for children to learn more about the role of the local area in the war by taking their daily exercise down to the local memorial if appropriate and safe.


In addition, suggestions are given to how this significant event can be marked using activities from across the curriculum. 

The findings of the historical enquiry can be presented in whichever way suits your child best - be that using PowerPoint, a non-chronological report or drawing.

Because of the nature of the topic, there are two different Home Learning Packs which can be accessed using the buttons below.

Please select the correct one, if you have one children in each Key stage, use the KS1 pack.
Marking VE Day in the Wider Curriculum:

Art and Design - pattern and colour work using the colours of the Union Jack to create bunting for a street party.

                            - line and shading work to draw the local memorial (use a photograph if you can't visit) and try and capture the shadow and light.

Music - compare the music of the time to modern music and identify similarities and differences between them.
            - learn to sing one of the songs and think about the meaning and the tone it should be sung with.

PSHE - watch the video of VE day in London and consider or list why people were celebrating and why it's important that we remember it today.

Design Technology - Plan what you would serve for a street party to mark the end the war in Europe. To add additional challenge, learn about                                            rationing and limit the food available to be used during the party.